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Transcendent Health Treatments

Transcendent Health Treatments meet you where you are at. You can participate in a distance healing treatment from the comfort of your own home, or visit us in person at our Seaside Sanctuary in Southeastern Massachusetts. Weaving together energy healing, hypnosis, spiritual healing and sound healing, every treatment is a unique experience for transcendent healing. Our Transcendent Health Treatments are designed to help you to step outside of your physical body and free your conscious mind during the healing process. In this field of awareness, transcendent healing is activated.

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Become a member of our healing family! The foundational principles of transcendent health require healthy daily practices. What we do every day, weekly and monthly is what creates the lasting changes in our health. Although one healing treatment can transform you, a commitment to the process will create a different kind of lasting change on a cellular level. Regular energy healing practices are the gateway to transcendent health!