Prepare For Your Treatment

In preparation for your holistic healing treatment, it’s important to be acquainted with our philosophy. Our primary goal is to help you come into deeper union with health. Our goal is also to help you become conscious of your divine connection, and to tap into your power to create every moment in your life. Before each session and experience we meditate and pray that all work that is done be for the highest good of each individual. In this way, we can know that even mistakes are teachers and all emotions show us the layers of truths in our lives. We come to you from a place that recognizes that every moment that we spend in treatment with you, just like every other moment in our lives, is a sacred gift from our Creator, and has a deeper meaning and a higher purpose, always. Our purpose is for you to gain a sense of relaxation, peace, renewed spirit, a new perspective and to bring home practices to align with your highest self.


The different holistic modalities that we work with often bring about altered states of consciousness. Our treatments are designed to bring you into an altered state to facilitate the healing process. Here are our recommendations based on our experiences:


1. If you are someone who has a difficult time relaxing your mind and body, it will benefit you to spend 7-10 days before and after your treatment detoxifying your diet, environment, and mind. The ideal preparation would be to abstain from animal products, sugar and other intoxicants, and clear out all toxic elements in your daily environment, to the best of your ability. Practice a news and media fast, and spend time daily practicing mindful meditation.


2. Cleanse your body with all the water that you can for 7-10 days before and after your treatment. Spring water is ideal. The modalities that we use are designed to help to clear emotional and energetic debris from your mind and body. This can sometimes cause discomfort in the form of headaches, dizzyness, fatigue, irritability, anger or resurfacing of whatever it is you are letting go of. Expect this to happen and prepare for it. Water helps to keep you conscious that you are in a period of cleansing and you need to move a little slower and be a little more gentle with yourself.


3. Create a list of open-ended questions to ask the practitioner at the beginning of the treatment. These should be questions that you are struggling with at the moment, or would like increased clarity with.


4. During treatments there is often a lot of information shared, and emotions to process before and after. Although we do record our treatments, it is a powerful practice to come away from each treatment with your own internal insights recorded. We suggest you have a journal and pen to record important messages and feelings after the treatment.


It is important to prepare your space before the treatment takes place. Make sure that you have a clear and quiet space where you will not be interrupted for at least 2 hours. About 30 minutes before the treatment is scheduled to begin open your space with a small ceremony. Opening your space is a simple practice that sets the intention that the space that you will be sitting in during the treatment is full of the highest vibration possible. Once you have cleared all clutter from the space, create a small alter. An alter is a sacred focal point that sets the intention for the entire room. An alter should include a candle or vase of flowers and any sacred objects that you feel guided to include. Stand at the entrance to the space you will be in. The following prayer is the prayer we use to open our spaces before we begin our healing work,we invite you to open your space with the same prayer:




To the winds of the South Great serpent,
Wrap your coils of light around us,
Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin,
To walk softly on the Earth.
Teach us the Beauty Way.

To the winds of the West Mother jaguar,
Protect our medicine space.
Teach us the way of peace,
to live impeccably.
Show us the way beyond death.

To the winds of the North.
Hummingbird, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Ancient Ones,
Come and warm your hands by our fires.
Whisper to us in the wind.
We honor you who have come before us,
And you who will come after us,
our children’s children.


To the winds of the East, Great eagle, condor.
Come to us from the place of the rising Sun.
Keep us under your wing.
Show us the mountains we only dare to dream of.
Teach us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.


Mother Earth,
we’ve gathered for the healing of all your children.
The Stone People, the Plant People.
The four–legged, the two–legged, the creepy crawlers.
The finned, the furred, and the winged ones.
All our relations. Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, to the Star nations.
Great Spirit, you who are known by a thousand names And you who are the unnamable One.
Thank you for bringing us together.