Holistic practices are those that incorporate an understanding that the mind, body and spirit are all deeply connected energetically. Through creating changes or shifts in one area, all other areas are affected.

Our holistic therapy process weaves together the following healing modalities:
Clearing Your Mind: Transpersonal Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy
Aligning Your Body: Energy Healing and Whole Foods Healing
Awakening Your Spirit: Intuitive Development, Meditation
Healing Your Environment: Ritual and Ceremony

Holistic Therapy examines your soul and your unconscious through an exploration of the ‘unseen’ parts of yourself. Enter with an openness of heart, mind and spirit. We explore your truth through a journey through an exploration of your dreams, fantasies, desires and feelings, the collective unconscious, souls of your ancestors and through the discovery of what your soul asking for in the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Holistic Therapy is an exploration of the journey of our soul as expressed through our bodies and minds. It is a journey of personal and spiritual transformation. There is no end to our journey of self discovery, it is not a destination to be reached, but rather an ongoing experience into the depth of our own soul and into the soul of the earth.

The Process

A Holistic Therapy Treatment session is a unique blend of holistic healing modalities, crafted specifically to cleanse and balance your physical, mental and emotional needs. Each treatment session is preceded by a phone consultation to discuss your needs. Our professional therapists craft a specific blend of modalities to aid you both in easing pain and discomfort and illuminating areas needing balance within your body.

The unconscious is the seat of all creativity and drives all action you take. It is both personal and collective and speaks through us. When we do not tend to our unconscious drives and urges, these drives can control us in the form of dis-ease or illness.

Through our Holistic Therapy process you will learn how to delve into the unconscious experiences that have formed the physical and mental symptoms in your life.
The words and images of your unconscious can not only heal us from illness, but can also bring clarity to your soul’s purpose and insight into our highest expression. By understanding your unconscious with tools such as energy healing, hypnosis and the study of your dreams we become aware of the hidden aspects of your personality.
Working deeply with your unconscious is a process similar to peeling back the layers of an onion. It requires time, patience, and the ability to let go and be.
We strive to help you to work with the deep drives of your unconscious in practical ways that you can easily practice at home.