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Your chakras are the energetic centers of your own personal universe. 

 Any imbalance in your physical, mental or emotional body, can be alleviated with regular attention to the corresponding chakra. A Chakra Healing Treatment clears and balances your body, mind and spirit. It works with each of the 7 major energy centers in your body, the centers from which all health emanates. Our treatments can help you to come back into balance after a period of mental fatigue, physical tension or stress.

Chakra Healing Treatments are also powerful when received before and after a major life event or experience. Many seek out this healing treatment before a performance, a wedding, or before or after the birth of a child. Each treatment includes an intuitive scan of your body to determine where physical, mental or emotional ailments lie. Deep release of all blocks and tension from physical, mental, and emotional energy layers is facilitated using light acupressure.