USUI Reiki Treatment

Reiki is the primal energy of the universe being guided by the highest wisdom of the universe.


Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic energy healing process. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words- Rei, which represents the spiritual source of the universe, it also represents the higher mind, and Ki ,the primal life energy of the universe.

Reiki relieves stress, calms and clarifies the mind and stabilizes the emotions, supports health during pregnancy and through illness, crisis, death and bereavement. Reiki energy stimulates natural healing and can bring relief from pain and speed recovery time after surgery or injury. The Universal Life Energy that flows through a Reiki healing treatment assists in releasing blocked energies and toxins, promotes harmony in relationships and increases intuition and self-awareness.

What to Expect in a Reiki Healing Treatment
In a Reiki healing treatment your practitioner channels Universal Life Force Energy using sacred symbols. In your treatment the healing energy of Reiki flows. The light of Reiki clears your energy field and energizes it. The practitioner is led to direct the healing energy of Reiki into any areas of your body that needs healing.

Recent research on Reiki indicates that the state of consciousness evoked in a Reiki treatment is part of the healing process itself. In a Reiki healing treatment you are led into a meditative state of consciousness. As your brain waves slow and reach an Alpha wave state, healing is stimulated in the body and your biomagnetic field comes into deeper alignment with the healing energy of the crystalline grid.

Reiki healings transcends time and space, clearing and harmonizing your subtle energy field. Those who have experienced Reiki treatments describe them as deeply peaceful, spiritually empowering and restorative. Reiki energy works simultaneously to bring clarity and healing to your mind and body. All Reiki healing in this sense is a holistic practice, working energetically to bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment.