Intuitive Counseling

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What is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive Counseling is a sacred opportunity to get the answers to life’s questions. Sometimes, your own divine support system is talking to you, but you are too busy, or scattered, or stuck to listen. We begin with an invocation of spirit and then bring to light any area in your life right now that is unbalanced. Guidance is always given for the steps you need to take to align more fully with your highest self. 

You can bring questions or areas of your life you need clarity with to the session. Through the loving guidance of your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, elemental spirits and all beings of light here to support you, we deliver a message and plan for healing action to move through any problem or obstacle, and to move yourself out of any situation.

What to Expect from Intuitive Counseling?

An Intuitive Counseling session is always healing, insightful and full of divine guidance. We record each session so you can have it to reflect upon later on your journey.  Expect a miracle!



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