Holistic Therapy Treatment

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What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy is a healing practice that incorporates transpersonal psychology, energy healing, hypnotherapy, meditation, whole foods nutrition, movement, ritual and ceremony to assist you in healing and strengthening your mind, body and soul.

Holistic Therapy examines not only your body, mind, behaviors and attitudes but also examines the soul and the unconscious in our changing world. It rests on the belief that spirit is present everywhere. In a holistic therapy treatment we examine your truth. Each individual has his own truth that is true for no other. Treatments evoke your truth through exploration of the ‘unseen’ parts of yourself. Enter with openness of heart, mind and spirit. We explore your truth through a journey through an exploration of your dreams, fantasies, desires and feelings, the collective unconscious, souls of your ancestors and through the discovery of what your soul asking for in any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Holistic Therapy is an exploration of the journey of our soul as expressed through our bodies and minds. It is a journey of personal and spiritual transformation. There is no end to our journey of self discovery, it is not a destination to be reached, but rather an ongoing experience into the depth of our own soul and into the soul of the earth.

What to Expect in a Holistic Therapy Treatment?

Our holistic therapy treatments incorporate healing in seven major areas:

Awakening Your Mind

We focus on helping you to understand conscious and unconscious patterns through the approaches of Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal Psychology honors the spiritual domain of the human psyche, it is both integrative and holistic.  Transpersonal psychological practices help you to connect to the deeper reasons illness, dis-ease and conflict occurs in your life. Transpersonal practices help you to come into greater communion with the qualities of awe, bliss, wonder, transcendence of the self, spirit, oneness, cosmic awareness, individual and species-wide synergy, sacralization of everyday life, cosmic self humor, self-actualization, playfulness happiness, joy, love & maximal sensory awareness.

Healing Your Unconscious Mind

The unconscious is the seat of all creativity. It is both personal and collective and speaks through us. When you do not tend to your unconscious drives and urges, these drives can control you in the form of dis-ease or illness.

In our Holistic Therapy sessions you will learn how to delve into the unconscious experiences that have formed the physical and mental symptoms in your life.

The words and images of your unconscious can not only heal you from illness, but can also bring clarity to your soul’s purpose and insight into your highest expression. By understanding your unconscious with tools such as energy healing and hypnosis you become aware of the hidden aspects of your personality.

Working deeply with your unconscious is a process similar to peeling back the layers of an onion. It requires time, patience, and the ability to let go and be.

Energetic Healing

You have energetic currents that are the guiding creative life forces in your lives. These energetic currents have the ability to be channeled creatively into a broad range of physical, mental and psychic pursuits. As you move deep into your unconscious you can begin to harness the power of the currents moving through your life so that you can use this energy in service to your highest self and purpose on earth.

Aligning Your Body

Yogic practices increase strength, flexibility and balance. A beautiful quote that states the simple power of yoga comes from our yoga teacher Sri Goswami Kriyananda,

“When you stretch the body, you stretch the mind – you become youthful”.

Often our bodies are holding stress, pain or other toxic energy from the past. These energies can affect us in our present lives and can hold us back from moving forward free of the limitations of our past. Moving your body in sacred positions that have been practices for thousands of years is not only a healing journey for your body, but a clearing practice for your mind and strengthening of your spirit. We integrate Hatha and Prana Yoga postures, breathing exercises and stretches into our holistic therapy treatments. Our guided yoga home practices provide you with an opportunity to deepen your healing in between treatments.

Activating Your Cellular Capacity

Total health begins in the cells of your body. No holistic treatment can be complete without attention to the foods that you are feeding yourself with. Our Holistic Therapy treatments begin with a complete diagnostic analysis of your diet. We work with you to determine the best foods, herb and supplements to begin to raise the vibration of your cells and activate your healing potential. We support and practice the principles of whole foods nutrition and integrate the cellular healing properties of medicinal flowers, herbs and minerals to assist you in vibrating into your highest self!

Awakening Your Spirit

Your spirit is the seat of your health. All imbalances in your health can be brought into harmony with a deep connection to your highest self and the universal Love that we are surrounded by. Our holistic therapy treatments integrate intuitive development and meditation practices that help you to reconnect with your essential truth, that you are a spiritual being having a human experience…

Healing Your Environment

Health cannot exist without an alignment with the place that you are in. If your environment is imbalanced, your psyche will begin to absorb and reflect this imbalance in your life. All too often we live out of balance with Mother Earth. Through ritual and ceremony, neo-shamanic traditions and the through the practice of Native American counsel we work with you to deepen your connection to the earth beneath your feet and the skies over your head. Through realigning yourself with the sacred nature of your environment, healing takes root in the very ground you are walking on… With infinite Love, time and regular practice, any environment can be healed and brought back into energetic harmony with all that is.

“You could not discover the limits of the soul, even if you traveled every road to do so; such is the depth of its meaning” James Hillman

A Holistic Therapy Treatment is a unique blend of holistic healing modalities, crafted specifically to cleanse and balance your physical, mental and emotional needs. It is soul work at the deepest level. It aids you both in easing pain and discomfort and illuminating areas needing balance within your body.





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