Crystalline Lightbody DNA Attunement – 90 Minutes


Product Description

The Crystalline Lightbody DNA Attunements accompanies our virtual program and is designed to assist you in bringing about a remembrance of your multidimensional nature as a master being of light and love and to help you to align with your divine purpose on this planet at this time.

The purpose of the Lightbody Activation is to help you:

– Realize and Embody your True Nature
– Release Earthly Limitations
– Embody your Highest Self as a Planetary Light-Worker in Full Service to Mother Earth Performing your Divine Calling

Like a beacon of light, once your lightbody has been activated, you will radiate this light from within as you take back control and responsibility for your life. You will accept your God and Goddess nature through merging with the light of Mother and Father God and experience your body as one with the Crystalline Grid Lightbody – one of the highest energetic frequencies that you can experience in this dimension.

What is a Crystalline Lightbody DNA Attunement? 

An energy attunement is an initiation to a high vibrational frequency of energy.

In my sacred healing space, I program an orb of light specifically for you once you register. Orbs of light are programmed with the frequency of the energy you are to be attuned to the day before your scheduled attunement. The orb of light maintains perfect integrity while it awaits your reception. It is not subject to our human laws of time and space. The energetic frequency of the attunement is held in the orb of light until you call the attunement in.

This is a distance healing experience. During the time that you schedule, you must be in a quiet meditative space and play your activation & attunement recording. The orb that has been programmed for you will know when you open to receive this healing light and the transmission will begin as we connect energetically.

You must be enrolled in the Crystalline Lightbody DNA Activation & Attunement Virtual Program to register for this attunement 🙂


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