Crystal Therapy Treatment – 90 Minutes

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Product Description

Crystals are medicinal gifts


from deep inside the womb of Mother Earth.

What Is Crystal Therapy?

A crystal therapy treatment balances and cleanses your chakras and auric field and clears mental and physical tension. A treatment begins with a channeling of Reiki life-force energy into your body using crystals aligned with your body’s chakra centers to rebalance and align your energy and release blocks caused by tension, anxiety, fear, or other negative thoughts. We identify where your blocks are in your aura and ask your angels and celestial guides to give us information you need to help rebalance these areas. Using crystal therapy we charge and balance the energy moving through and around your body, vacuuming out all negative energy.

What Is A Crystal Reading?

Our crystal readings accompany a group of healing crystals that we have been guided to charge with Reiki Energy and to provide a crystal reading for. The healing crystals are led through a cleansing ceremony, soaking up both the light of the sun and the moon before they were held in a healing space of love and light and delivered the healing symbols of Reiki. The Reiki energy will be awakened and activated by a healer who works with any healing energy. You need not know or understand Reiki Energy in order to benefit from the cleansing and charging that it brings to the crystals.

You can choose from a 30 minute phone or Skype crystal reading or a 1-2 page email crystal reading. This reading will help to bring clarity and insight to your role in working with this powerful healing set. This reading must be purchased with a crystal. Click here to view our collection.

Pleiadian Crystal Channeled Reading

This crystal reading includes a Pleiadian crystal and a 2-3 page channeled reading from the Pleiadians specific to you.

The Pleiadians are a group of loving and heart centered beings that are here to assist this planet during this time of rapid ascension. There are many earth shifts taking place and they have experienced these and seen them occur on other places of reality. They are here to help those of us who are working in the light to remain in the highest vibration possible during this important time of planetary transition. Each stone has been programmed with the divine frequency of the violet rays of light. The Pleiadians only vibrate at the frequency of love, their energy was channeled down in a powerful series of sessions. This divine frequency is available for all to tap into. They have no potential to do harm. The energy vibrates with a pure love for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.The channeled message will not be prepared until you purchase the stone. Once you have chosen this crystal, the message we deliver will be aligned with your specific role with this special stone during this important time in history. Thank you for all you are doing right now to assist this planet in it’s evolution, and may peace fill every cell of your body, just through the contact with the images of this powerful stone in this virtual space.

This reading must be purchased with a Pleiadian Crystal. Click here to view our collection.

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